Dalin is the capital of the human race. It is a large militaristic city with a heavily fortified fortress at the center of it all.

Abdialsburg is the capital of the karn race, named after Dr. Abadel. It is a technological wonder filled with skyscrapers and many consider a peaceful utopia where technology and intellect are king.

Markeetch is the center of trade, and thus the capital of the Yalisvat Trade Corp. It is a floating city that is bustling with business and trade.

City of The Great Tree
This is a holy city for the spriganoch people due to the fact that The Great Tree is housed here. In fact it is the very center of the continent and the people consider this sacred ground.

Dunsfarich is the underground capital of the lopetarves. It is the city where most of the mining is done and where most of the raw materials come from. IT is also the home of the Chieftain.


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