The sniper relies on long range and short ranged weaponry. The sniper is able to point out the weak points of an enemy, and steal as well. The snipers abilities focus solely on exploiting and targeting at weak points as well as debuffing and weakening enemies.

Shaman ((TAKEN!))
The summoner is a special class that uses it’s magic to summon creatures of another world. It’s main focus is to summon powerful beings from another plain to aid in battle. It can also use minor dark and light magics.

Magus specialize in the darker arts of magic in this world. Their task is to destroy their enemies with the powers they have. They can also buff the attack of their party members, and even imbue their weapons with elemental tributes.

The menders specialize in the healing arts of magic. They focus on raising parties defense as well as healing their wounds and status ailments. At later levels they will learn powerful holy attacks.

The soldier class focuses on doing physical damage to the enemy. They can use firearms or melee weapons to damage and destroy their enemies. Soldiers also can counter attacks as well as bring the enemies focus onto itself due to them having high defense.

The mechanic class is one that uses no weapons, but instead has it’s weapons and abilities in both of it’s arms. The mechanic class can use inventions to imitate some spells and abilities, and even have certain types of weapons installed into it’s arms. At later levels it can combine the abilities of two or 3 different inventions.


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