This world is divided into 5 continents. Each one is the home of one of the five different races.

Belfand is the continent that is in the westernmost hemisphere. It is home to the second most abundant race, humans. It is a plains like environment with few mountains and and few forests.

Aritifician is the continent in the eastern most hemisphere and is home to the Karn, the mechanical people who are also made of flesh. It was a desert, but has turned into a grand Metropolitan city.

Yalisvat is one of the two continents that share the southern most hemisphere. It is the home to the Aquinoc, the people of the sea. While the continent itself has no natural land, it is instead nothing but one large city. The majority of it extends underwater while only a small portion is above the water.

Solniclex is the other continent that shares the southern hemisphere with Yalisvat. It is home to the plant like people, the Spriganochs. It is a lush tropical rainforest where the cities are in the trees themselves.

Fenstarcti is the nothern most continent of this world, and therefore the coldest. It is a mountainous frozen tundra that is home to the Lopetarves, the large almost yeti like race who live in it’s mountains.


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