Belfanic Monarchy
The human race is ruled by the Royal Belfand Family. The King is Cornelius Belfand. The Royal family make sure they have the strongest well trained military of the nations in order for them to remain the peace keepers and to keep their strength over the Karn.

Artifice Council
Artifician is guided by what is simply known as the council. The council is made up of those KArn who are known as the seven. They were the first seven Karn made by The Mother, or Dr. Abadel. The Council exist to keep the peace in the nation, and mostly to guide the Karn as they advanced in technology and create new technology for the world.

The Yalisvat Trade Corpration
Yalisvat is ruled by what is simply known as the Trade Corp. They are the largest of the governments and are focused on the business and trade between the nations. The so called head-man, or woman, of the trade council however is unknown and tends to keep his matters a secret.

The Coalition
The Sprignochs are ruled by four elite tribes known as the coaltion. As the four largest tribes they kept the peace by dividing the land in four and at the center is where The Great Tree is that they worship. Thus with the great tree at the center and the four keeping each other in check, they avoid conflict and strife with one another.

The Lopetarves Chieftain
The Lopetarves are ruled by who is called the chieftain. The chieftain can be either male or female and every ten years a new chieftain must be chosen. However those who are candidates must fight in a tournament to choose who the strongest will be to rule the Lopetarve people.


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