Humans are the second largest race of this world, and happen to have the largest of the five continents. Humans tend to think of themselves as higher than the Karn race since it was a human who created them in the first place. Since there are so many humans, they are usually the peacekeeper race, making sure to keep things peaceful on the continents themselves. Their form of government is a monarchy.

The Karn a race of what people consider is a mix of flesh and machine. They are considered cold, but the Karn tend to think more along the lines of what is pratical and logical. The Karn however can either show emotion, or have emotion installed into them, though it is up to that Karn’s choice to do so. SOme Karn’s also have multiple limbs depending on what specefic task they do. Their form of government is a council and they are the most technologically advanced. They were created by Dr. Abadel Faustmoren, who the Karn worship as ‘The Mother’.

The Aquinoc people are an amphibious one who can live in either land or ocean. They tend to be very tall, with either blue or green skin. They don’t have a nose since they have gills that can be used for air and land. The aquinocs stand on two legs, their hands and feet are webbed, they have tails, and they had fins protruding from the arms, their calves, and a fin going down the middle of their head like a mohawk. They have the largest population and are considered the ruler of the seas. Their form of government is one of a bureaucracy, focused more on trade between the nations.

Spriganochs are a people who are literally made of plants. They are humanoid in shape, and usually have hair maid of either leaves, moss, or even vine. They do not have mouths but can speak through telepathy. They have no need of a mouth since they feed through photosynthesis. The Sprigonach are what some consider a tribal people, but have a religion that focuses around the eldest tree in existance, which is on the continent of the SPriganochs. The Sprigganochs use thechnology to focus on the growth of their forests, which includes food for the other nations, through the use of solar energy.

Lopetarves are the larges race their is. They are usually 7-10 feet tall. At first confused for yetis, they are very large creatures covered in white fur. The males tend to have thick beards. They also have horns like a rams and have short tails. The Lopetarves tend to keep to themselves since they live in caves and focus on mining materials needed to build machines weapons and tools, or to sell in trade between the nations. The Lopetarves are ruled by a chieftan who earns his place to the top every 10 years.


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